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Finding quality family eye care in Old Greenwich means finding a doctor who can work with patients of all ages. The earlier you can address certain eye conditions or vision problems, the easier it is to manage for an entire lifetime. Dr. Inna Lazar at Greenwich Eye Care understands how important it is to catch any eye disorders as soon as possible, which is why she's here to help you determine your family's individual eye health needs. We enjoy working with patients of all ages and giving everyone the same high quality of care.

Investigation at Its Finest 

From eye strain to double vision, the job of an optometrist to weigh the possibilities and rule out causes one by one. Your four-year old's eyes will be very different from your teenager's, so you'll need a pediatric eye care doctor who understands each developmental stage and its characteristics. The right optometrist will be able to ask questions to really find out what's going on with someone's eyes. Getting a child to articulate their eyesight problems isn't easy, but Dr. Lazar and her staff are here to help. 

Explaining It All 

Healthcare can be a minefield for people today, especially given how much things have changed over even just the past 20 years. From treatments to diagnoses, parents can be quickly overwhelmed and may even avoid the optometrist altogether. Dr. Lazar and her staff will take the time to explain everything to you, ensuring you have enough understanding to make informed decisions.  

Becoming a Lifelong Patient 

Dr. Inna Lazar does not want to see your family once and then send you on your way. The best optometrist-patient relationships are built over time, so we have all the information we need to spot troubling trends as soon as they develop. When you become a regular patient, you're giving yourself the best chance of maintaining the health of your eyes. Plus, you're teaching your children the importance of taking care of themselves too. 

Pediatric Eye Care in Old Greenwich

From dry eyes to prescription sunglasses, Greenwich Eye Care can help you get all of your eye health needs met in Old Greenwich. When you call our staff to schedule an appointment, we start getting to know you immediately. Whether you just want to bring in one child or you'd like to take care of everyone in one meeting, we're here to collaborate with you. 

In everything we do, we aim to provide our friends, neighbors, and the surrounding community with quality eye care in a setting that is friendly and welcoming.

“See the difference with your own eyes”

Dr. Inna Lazar
Old Greenwich Optometrist | Greenwich Eye Care | (203) 698-5049
13 Arcadia Road, Suite 18
Old Greenwich, CT 06870


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Meet Dr. Inna Lazar

  • Dr.
    Inna Lazar

    Dr. Lazar obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology with a minor in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh and her Doctor of Optometry Degree from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry now known as Salus University.

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