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Contact Lens Exams

Are you interested in wearing contacts? Greenwich Eye Care in Old Greenwich can help you transition to contact lenses. Schedule a contact lens exam with one of our eye doctors to get started.


The Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses

If you are going from eyeglasses to contacts, you will be able to enjoy several perks as soon as you make the switch. Not only do contacts look a lot more natural, but they also place fewer restrictions on your vision than glasses do. Glasses can be a hassle when you are exercising or playing sports, but with contacts, there won't be any hassle. In the past, wearing contacts could be uncomfortable, but today, many lenses are soft and designed to maximize comfort. An exam with one of our eye doctors will help you find contacts with the right fit.

How a Contact Lens Exam Is Different from a Routine Eye Exam

Contact lens exams are a requirement for anyone that wants to wear contacts. The evaluations done during these exams help optometrists to see how wearing contacts will impact the patient's eye health. The exam is designed to help patients find the type of contacts that best suit their needs.

An exam can provide valuable information that will help you to choose comfortable, properly fitting contacts. If any issues might make you a bad candidate for contact lenses, those issues will be identified during the exam.

Why You Need a Separate Exam

Even if you already have a prescription for glasses, you will want to have a separate contacts prescription. While there is a little distance between eyeglasses and the eye, contacts are placed directly on the eye. Beyond that, it is important to assess what you need from your contacts. If you suffer from astigmatism or dry eye, you may need specialty contacts. A contact lens exam is the best way to determine the type of contacts your eyes need.

What to Expect During Your Exam

Unless you have recently had your eyes checked, the first part of your exam will be a visual examination. While this is likely to be similar to a standard eye exam, your exam may also include additional tests, such as a tear firm evaluation.

After that, you will have a contact lens fitting. This process provides your eye doctor with information about the size and curvature of your eye. Not everyone can wear the same kinds of contacts, and the fitting process will make sure that your lenses are a good fit for your eyes.

Book Your Contact Lens Exam in Old Greenwich, CT

If you are interested in wearing contacts, schedule a contact lens exam at Greenwich Eye Care. We will examine your eyes and work with you to find the right contacts. Call our team today at (203) 698-5049 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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